CCXP (São Paulo, Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Cologne, Germany)

Cocreated by Chiaroscuro Studios, Omelete Group, and Pizii Toys in 2014, CCXP Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil has quickly become the biggest comic on in the world gathering over 280,000 visitors in December 2019. Content at the show ranges from comic books – curated by Chiaroscuro Studios – to movies, TV shows, cosplay, books, gaming and more. CCXP is covered by media around the globe as it’s a platform for studios and publishers to announce new content. The success of CCXP in São Paulo, Brazil evolved to opening new ongoing shows in other cities and abroad: GameXP, in Rio de Janeiro (2017), Brazil, and CCXP Cologne, in Germany (2019). Chiaroscuro Studios is also present at CCXP with a huge booth located near to the Artist’s Alley, and over 50 talents from the studio gather at the booth to meet fans. Over the years Chiaroscuro Studios booth has been sponsored by different companies such as Faber-Castell and Comix Book Shop.

For CCXP’s 2020 and 2021 online editions named CCXP Worlds, Chiaroscuro Studios partnered with GEEQ com Q channel to produce live programs of comic book content now available on GEEQ com Q’s YouTube channel.

CCXP 2022 is scheduled for Nov 30 – Dec 4 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil.