Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil Ivan Reis debuted penciling horror stories for Bloch Editores, then moving to Mauricio de Sousa Studios. His international career started right after that, and Ivan has worked for the biggest comics publishers in the media, including Marvel and DC. At Marvel, he drew titles such as Avengers, Iron Man and Hulk. Whereas at DC, he worked on several books including Action Comics, Rann/Thanagar War, Superman, Justice League, The Terrifics, Cyborg, Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and The Multiversity. His runs on Green Lantern and on Aquaman – both written by Geoff Johns – were a strong inspiration for the movie pictures featuring these iconic characters and Ivan has even created production art and advertising pieces for the Aquaman and for the Justice League movies.

Ivan Reis has also designed collectibles and advertisement campaigns for DC Comics. He is an exclusive DC Comics artist for almost 20 years, and is recognized as one of the foremost names in the comics media worldwide.

Ivan Reis is currently the artist on the monthly book Batman/Superman, written by Gene Luan Yeng

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