Artist’s Proofs

Over the years, several artists have moved to digital meaning there is no original artwork on paper as those we are familiar with. The same happened with a number of artists from Chiaroscuro Studios, and we have been regularly asked by collectors about artwork from our artists that are not available on paper.

We have worked closely with our artists that work in digital to close this gap, and we are starting to offer Artist’s Proofs (AP) as museum-quality, single-copy reproductions (1/1), giclée on Hahnemüehle Photo Rag®️ 308g cotton paper of their published work. These APs are hand-signed and come with a certificate of authenticity also signed by the artist and by Chiaroscuro Studios. Art pieces sold as 1/1 APs will not the offered as regular convention prints, making the APs the only reproduction of these art pieces sold by the artist in any format.

But there’s more! APs will be produced in regular 11×17 inches or in double-sized 22×17 inches upon request. That means now you can own that digital art piece you love so you can hang it on your wall and it can also be created on the size you want, something that unfortunately can’t be done with regular art pieces originally created on paper.
Please check below the digital artwork from our talents now available as single-copy Artist’s Proofs.

Featured Artwork